Business Interruption Coverage:  Cover for any net income that would have been earned in the company's ordinary operating activities including the coverage of extra costs that occurs as a result of an attack on a company's network.  

Data Restoration Expense:  Research, replace, restore or recollect software and any electronic data due to a network attack.

Forensic Data Examination:  Cost incurred to investigate, examine and analyze a computer network.

Network Extortion Coverage:  Cover the costs incurred to avoid, defend or preclude extortion as a result of a network security failure or breach.

Hacker Theft Coverage:  Cover for any loss incurred from any fraudulent or erroneously paid funds.  This typically relates to any expenses related to cyber extortion or terrorism such as the theft or destruction of any stored data, hardware, access codes for premises, computer systems or cyber extortion by employees. 

Legal Defense Costs:  Typically any Beach Consultation Services required as a result of a cyber-breach relating to costs such as legal, forensic and public relations assistance. 

Third Party Liability:  Reimbursement of the costs that are incurred in relation to a breach of private or personal informaiton, corporate information, Media and Social Media (including defamation, intellectual property rights and plagiarism).

Privacy Breach Cover:  Typically, any costs associated with any privacy breach including customer notification costs, Call Center Services, Credit Monitoring, Identity Theft Resolution and Public Relations expenses incurred with existing customers. 

10.  Interruption and extra expense coverage

11.  Consulting and underwriting information by an accredited third party IT Survey Group, breach of contract, punitive damage, deceptive trade practices, contractual liability coverage

12.  Coverage limits to $450,000,000 per incident

13.  Forensic data examination

14.  Executive Order 13636 compliance

15.  Trade Secret coverage

16.  Dependent business income loss


The Policy coverage is bespoke for each case after examination of the Initial Information Form by the underwriters and from additional information provided by the client to an accredited third party IT Survey Group if required.


1.  First and Third party coverage

2.  Full Limits for all privacy and security breaches

3.  Policy Holder legal expenses

4.  Fines and penalties

5.  Security Breach litigation costs

6.  Use of own counsel

7.  Business Interruption, loss of earnings

8.  ​Prior acts coverage

9.  Cyber extortion

Options​ Available for the Policy