NANRS has assembled a select group of legal, regulatory and risk assessment professionals that use state-of-the-art technology and processes to identify vulnerabilities.  To secure your organization against cyber attacks, an effective cyber risk management program must be enterprise-wide, involving not only IT but also Finance, Legal, Compliance, Operations and other departments.  Cyber security is the most prominent risk issue facing company Boards of Directors and executives worldwide.  NANRS is able to recommend the right course of action to protect and insure your company.  And the policy can be designed as a primary or overlay product to meet and mitigate the risks identified.

"A terrorist attack can make you the victim even when you are not the target."

"Even an unlimited budget to prevent cyber and terrorism attacks will not eliminate your risk."

John Ridings Lee, CEO North American National Risk Services, LLC

"Terrorism is a worldwide threat that can place your organization in immediate danger."  

"Terrorism is a real and increasing threat to your business and property and the potential liability may be enormous."

​Thomas J. Donovan, President North American National Risk Services, LLC